What's Hutt Your Hat GOLD!!!!!?

Have you ever wanted to have a Hutt on you head? Well now you can!

The concept for Hutt Your Hat!!! started out with a simple Star Wars fan website in August, 2000. From those humble roots, a global phenomenon was born. The Hutt Your Hat!!! movement - in which artists all over the world draw crude, miniature Jabba the Hutts on top of people's heads - is now rising to take over the net! (Hint: All the cool people are doing it!)

To celebrate the upcoming tenth anniversary of the Hutt Your Hat!!! movement, the original creators are now launching the Hutt Your Hat GOLD!!!!! blog! The blog will be periodically updated with new Hutt-hatting photos. But whereas the original Hutt Your Hat!!! website featured mainly Star Wars characters and environments, Hutt Your Hat GOLD!!!!! will feature real world people in real world environments. Check back frequently to see whose hat will be hutted next!

You can always contact us at: grubnumbers@gmail.com


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